19 December 2017

50 gift ideas for the whole family


‘Tis the season to be jolly, but as we all know, ‘tis also the season of shrinking bank balances and growing waistlines – not to mention the inevitable stress of the gift hunt! Whether you’re going on an epic holiday or winding down at home with friends and family, the festive season wouldn’t be the same without the age-old tradition of gift giving.

While some have thoroughly planned what Christmas gifts to buy and where to buy them, most of us will be scrambling to shopping centres to find the perfect gifts for the people who matter. If you’re one of those last-minute shoppers then you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of spectacular and affordable gifts for your loved ones. From music fanatics to new homeowners, we’ve out got you covered.

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We all know that one person who takes music more seriously than the average Joe. If they’re not hitting high notes in the shower or silencing the world through headphones, they’re counting down to the release of the latest albums and muso gadgets. Make sure your gift’s a hit with one of these awesome music gadgets and experiences!

  •  Shibby Beats Wooden Bluetooth Speakers: Shibby Beats aren’t just about sound but great design too. The first wooden Bluetooth speaker manufacturer in South Africa, the Shibby Beats speakers are proudly South African and a great decorative addition to any space.
  • Afropunk Festival JHB: With international headliners such as Solange and Anderson Paak, Afropunk Johannesburg will be the first Afropunk festival to take place on African soil, making it a must-see for any music lover.
  • JBL On-Ear Wireless Headphones*: These sleek earphones are the perfect gift for a music fanatic on the go.
  • Crosley Cruiser Turntable: Featuring built-in stereo speakers the Crosley Cruiser is a portable and hassle-free record player, allowing you to share your vinyl collection anywhere and anytime.
  • DIY Ticket Holder: Cherish your musical memories with this DIY ticket holder.
  • iTunes Gift Voucher: In the age of online streaming and downloads, CD’s are as good as extinct. Give a music fanatic an iTunes Gift voucher so they can jam to their favourite tunes on the go.
  • A jazzy night out: The Orbit Jazz Club and Bistro (JHB), Jazz in the Native Yard (CPT), Rainbow Restaurant and Jazz Club (DBN): When it comes to music, nothing beats a live performance so why not make your gift experiential with a night of live jazz?
  • I’m Not Your Weekend Special – Portraits On The Life, Style & Politics Of Brenda Fassie: Arguably one of South Africa’s biggest pop stars, Brenda Fassie was a South African musical icon who represented the most tumultuous and glorious moments in South African history.
  • Recycled Vinyl Record Wall Clock: Functionality and music meet as one in these retro looking vinyl clocks.
  • Shower Bluetooth Speaker: Fitted with a suction cup and using wireless technology, this Bluetooth speaker allows you to sing along to your favourite tunes in the shower with no fear of electrocution or water damage.XMAS BLOG IMAGE 02From galleries to public spaces, art can be found anywhere and everywhere. And although you may not know your Sekoto form your Nyele, these gifts will definitely earn you stripes amongst your art-loving friends and family.
  • Art classes at Bright Day (CPT): Let your art lover unleash their inner Van Gogh with this experiential gift. Get them to join a workshop or take a four week course – there’s something for everyone at Bright Day.
  • African Tails Adult Colouring Book: Created by African Tails to raise funds for their animal rescue shelters, adult colouring books are great gifts. Not just for creative people, they aid emotional, mental and intellectual well-being.
  • Lady of the Orient Tretchikoff Cushion; While you might not be able to afford an original Tretchikoff artwork, this Lady of the Orient is a great substitute for any art lover.
  • Tretchikoff Chinese Girl Tote Bag: Art, fashion and functionality meet in this tote bag, making it the ultimate statement piece to any outfit.
  • Instax Polaroid camera: Capture festive memories while triggering your art-lover’s photography skills with these cute and colourful instant cameras.
  • Art Gallery Outing: Zeitz Mocaa (CPT), KZN SA (DBN) ABSA Art Gallery (JHB): South Africa has some of the best art collections in the world, gift your art-lover a tour of some of SA’s most notable galleries.
  • Creativity Journal: Everyone has had those unexpected moments of creative genius while lying in bed or doing something mundane and you wish you had a pen and paper to write it down. The Creative journal is for all your creative ideas and compositions.
  • Kitwe Chenille Placemat: Stylish and local, the Kitwe placemat is an affordable and unconventional way to bring some art into any kitchen.
  • Tribal Belly Geometric Vase: Brings artistic flair to any space.
  • Lidudumalingani Photography: Buying art can be an expensive exercise, but luckily  Caine Prize winner and film photographer, Lidudumalingani’s catalogue offers art lovers affordable prints.


Moving into a new house can be equally stressful and exciting. From buying the essentials to adding the finishing touches, turning a house into a home takes time and effort. If you have a loved one who’s recently moved into a new house, help them settle in by purchasing one of these thoughtful gifts.

  •  X-Ray Oven Glove: Quirky and affordable, these X-ray oven gloves will have even the most unenthusiastic cook spending more time in the kitchen.
  • Ceramic Owl Vase with Low Maintenance Succulents* Indoor plants provide a number of benefits to their owners such as decreasing carbon dioxide levels and keeping the air temperature down, so help the new homeowner keep their place cool and stylish with these low-maintenance plants.
  • Personalised Doormat: Want to get something more personalised? Why not get this customised doormat?
  • DIY Marbled Crockery: Inexpensive and stylish DIY crockery is the perfect one of a kind gift.
  • Terrariums: providing various health benefits, they’re a great ornamental gift with little to no maintenance. Make one or buy one.
  • Fridge Bottle Stacker: Help your new homeowner create more fridge space with this flexible rubber-bottle stacker that allows bottles to be stacked into a pyramid without rolling or falling over.
  • House Cleaning Gift Voucher: Give your homeowner a break by gifting them with a cleaning voucher.
  • Tic Tac Toe Toilet Roll Holder: Bring a bit of fun and childhood nostalgia into the bathroom with this handy Tic-Tac-Toe toilet holder
  • Tupperware: There are few things as South African as Tupperware and Mrs Ball’s Chutney. Durable and easy to wash, Tupperware is the perfect gift for any homeowner.
  • Wooden Cutlery Tray: This wooden tray brings a natural and rustic flair to the kitchen while making it easy to store your cutlery.XMAS BLOG IMAGE 04

Like George Bernard Shaw said, “There is no greater love than the love of food.” If you have a friend or family member who’s crazy about all things tantalizing and flavour, show them some love with one of these inspiring foodie gifts.


Physical health should be a priority for everyone – but let’s be honest – some of us prefer a series binge over a workout. Reward your outdoorsy or fitness fanatic friends and family with these amazing gifts – they deserve it!

  • Adventure Combo in Hekpoort*: Why not do something adventurous and gift your outdoor fanatic with a 3-hour adventure combo inclusive of everything from quad bike riding to archery?
  • Treat your outdoorsy person to an exploration of our beautiful country by taking a Take A Shot Left.
  • Coleman Instant Dome 5 Man Tent: Suitable for outdoor camping, this instant 5-man tent takes less than 60 seconds to put up!
  • Leather Yoga Mat Straps: Make carrying yoga mats easier and a more stylish affair with these leather straps, the perfect gift for gym enthusiasts and yoga fanatics.
  • Acrobranch Adventure Park (JHB): Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure or something a bit more extreme, the Acrobranch Adventure Park is just the gift for adventure seekers.
  • Picnic Roll Up Rug: Water resistant and easy to carry, this roll-up picnic rug is the ultimate addition to picnics in the sun.
  • Sweat Resistant Bluetooth Earphones: Ease the stress of sweat-drenched earphones with these sweat-resistant Bluetooth speakers.
  • Tote Cooler Box: Stylish and compact, this cooler tote bag is a stylish way to keep your drinks and food fresh.
  • Bicycle Tours: Awol Tours (CPT), Book A Bicycle Township Tours (JHB), Bike & Bean (DBN): Why not get fit while discovering something or somewhere new by taking a bicycle tour?
  • Smartphone Sports Waist Belt: The perfect gift for athletes and gym bunnies, this sports waist belt helps keeps your smartphone safe and secure while you keep fit.

So, whether you’re looking to splurge or save on gifts this festive season, we’ve got the perfect gift to suit your budget and certify you as the best gift giver this Christmas.

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