28 March 2018

The next step in evolution:thinking together


The graduates of 2018 face some rather unusual challenges. Not only do they need to decide which company they’d like to work for, and where the best place to grow their career will be. But, with the imminent 4th industrial revolution, they also have to consider whether their job will even exist in a few years’ time!

Will AI take our place?

For us at Absa, we realise technology will play a critical role in our future success, but, we also realise that having the right people to work with this technology is what will truly empower our team, and our organisation, to achieve success.

We believe that the human brain cannot be replaced. In fact, to find out just how powerful it is, we held an experiment.

The Rising Eagles Graduate Programme

Our team of tomorrow will require excellent capabilities in their fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), as well as excellent emotional capabilities – with the desire to be team players who collaborate with their peers to grow their careers, and our continent.

The Rising Eagles Graduate Programme is one of the initiatives that enables us to attract this incredible talent into our organisation.

We believe collaboration can change our world.

Beyond inviting grads to apply for our 2019 Rising Eagles Graduate Programme, we invite graduates – and aspiring change-makers – the opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to work for our organisation, by changing the world – starting right now.

Introducing The Human Quantum Computer.

This year, our campaign for the Rising Eagles 2019 Graduate Programme launches The Human Quantum Computer – an exciting interactive platform that enables participants to show us just how smart they are – and experience the values of our organisation – a “virtual introduction” to what it would be like to work together.

The Human Quantum Computer is a world first, an online platform which has collated real-world problems from African NGOs and posed them as Challenges, inviting the smartest young minds from across Africa to share their thoughts on solutions. Thousands of people can virtually connect, pushing the envelope and coming up with solutions that can be implemented, literally changing the world!

A prize for your thoughts

With a host of Challenges to participate in, and a leaderboard to track progress, contributors will vie for amazing tech prizes from MacBooks to graphics cards.

Where do you start?

It’s as simple as connecting to The Human Quantum Computer on our website. You can apply to the Rising Eagles Graduate Programme immediately, or try your hand at a Challenge first – or do both.

Good luck! See you on the leaderboard.

To find out more, check out our website at https://risingeagles.absa.mobi/the-human-quantum-computer/

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