About us

We’re all fiercely protective of what goes into our pockets. Money is a personal matter and, for many, an essential part of what it means to prosper.

But, as with most things, knowledge is power. The Absa blog is here to provide you with all the information you require to grow. Whether you want your business to flourish or need some insight to make better financial decisions, we’re here for you. When we say: “we’re here for you”, we want you to know who we are. In our Life @Absa section, we tell our employees’ stories and open our doors so you can take a look into what makes us tick.

We’ll also share stories around our Arts and Sports sponsorships, giving you a behind the scenes peek into projects we are passionate about.

This blog is just a conversation starter. We aren’t experts when it comes to everything, but rest assured, we’ll work to source opinions and insights from within the bank, while calling on the expertise of industry and lifestyle heavyweights. Feel free to submit any topics or ideas you want to read about on the Absa Blog.

While we welcome different opinions and viewpoints here, they don’t necessarily represent the views of the Barclays Group.

If you have general customer queries, please contact our call centre on 08600 08600. For specific queries – such as lost and stolen cards – visit our Contact Us page.

Alternatively, you can contact us either on Twitter, or Facebook.

If you prefer real-life interaction, feel free to visit our branches for any other queries.

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