Bank cards, festivals, and how to not lose your card

03 November 2017

Pop-up retail is all the rage. Exhibition spaces, markets and vendors can all play in this space to create an experience that is nothing like doing your shopping in a mall. Kamers/Makers has been showcasing creative and artisanal goods since 2003, and this year we’ve joined them to bring visitors a flawless experience.

According to their website, Kamers – as it is affectionately known – can be described as “genuine and gentle.”  The next event will happen at Southdowns College, Irene, Pretoria, and you can expect to see top shelf South African design, gifts, fashion, jewellery, décor, food, wine and plenty more.

Kamers has always been a collaborative event. “With a historical focus on female SA entrepreneurs in an era where retail was a challenge for women, we’ve always valued sisterhood and family in our team and have worked tirelessly to offer support ‘as a family’ to all our maker-entrepreneurs.” Absa joined as sponsor this year to make the experience even more enjoyable.

How is Absa making this already enjoyable experience even easier? Through cashless payment. Here’s how it works: You arrive at Kamers with cash, right? Go to the nearest card stall, and purchase a buyers’ card for R10. You can preload this card with funds, which makes this card just as good as cash in your pocket. Besides the obvious safety benefits, this process is super quick as no pin is required. You can make purchases until the funds on the card have been depleted.

This offer isn’t limited to Absa clients – it’s a service we’re bringing your way to make life simpler for vendors and shoppers.

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