What if your bank card could talk?

03 November 2017

What if that little plastic card in your purse or wallet was actually talking to you? What is that squiggle behind the Absa logo saying; a piece of plastic cannot speak, so is it saying anything at all?

You might not think too much about the designs on the Absa card faces when you slip your bank card out of your wallet or purse to make a purchase or withdraw money, but a great deal of research has gone into the design of our Absa debit cards. A perfect example of this is with the new MegaU and Islamic Youth cards.

Hoping to create a dialogue between the card face and our younger customers, the design team pushed the idea that we connect with customers when our world and theirs overlap. Creating a dialogue between the two when the one party is a piece of plastic is difficult, but the design team came up with a brilliant idea.

You will have noticed a ‘squiggle’ or ‘wave’ behind the Absa logo on the refreshed card designs for MegaU and Islamic Youth. Those lines are a graphic representation of the card talking, creating dialogue with the cardholder; the squiggle is the waveform created if you were to say the word 'Absa' out loud. The design subtly connects with our young customers, through the shared love of music across all age groups, and which supports all of the other cool imagery found on the new cards; adventure, sports, colour, and unity. All the elements play together to create a real resonance with the youth.

The Absa MegaU account gives children younger than 19 access to a free savings account and rewards them with a free movie ticket per month, and free data. It is also the only account on the market which is truly free. This means that there is no monthly fee.

So, next time you pick up an Absa debit card, consider what it’s saying. Sometimes, very subtly, it may actually be talking to you.

Click here to read more on the benefits of MegaU and the qualifying criteria.

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