Keeping your family healthy


One of the most important ongoing responsibilities as parents is to keep your family healthy and happy. Sounds tough! But if you begin with the basics, everything will fall into place. 

We've put together a few tips that may help you get started. 

Healthy diet is key

The food we eat has a massive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. As parents it's your responsibility to get your children into the habit of eating and enjoying healthy food. 

  • Six things to keep in mind

    • There is no need to cut out entire food groups. It's more important that you manage portion sizes and eating times. 

    • Staying hydrated is good for your body, your mind and even your mood. Sometimes it's difficult to get children to drink water, so dilute their fruit juice with water. Keep pushing them to drink water though, they'll thank you later!

    • Remember that you are a role model to your children. The healthier you are the healthier they will be. 

    • Take the time to research which fats and sugars are good for you and which shouldn't be part of a daily diet. Of course you can treat yourself and your family now and then with, but all in moderation! 

    • Try and avoid processed and premade food where you can- fresh ingredients is always better. 

    • The more active you are, the better you can enjoy scrumptious meals

Apply routine

Having a daily routine is good for structure and discipline, but also plays a huge role in a healthy body and mind.  

  • Six reasons routine is good for you

    • You make use of all your time efficiently. Time is afterall our most valuable resource!  

    • You reduce the need to plan your day intricately. Instead you get straight to doing and getting more done.

    • It helps you get into the habit of prioritising things and teaches you the important quality of not wasting time. 

    • Having a bedtime ritual improves your sleep pattern and physical health. 

    • When you're in the hang of a daily routine your stress levels drop and relaxation is easily achievable. 

    • It puts you back in control of your day, which has a great effect on your motivation, energy levels and mood. 

Get medical aid

Having your family on a medical aid is crucial, especially when you are facing an emergency and don't have the funds to pay for medical help out of your pocket. Make sure that you've compared quotes from different medical aid companies before choosing one for you and your family.  

  • Four reasons medical aid is important

    • Annual health screenings can help detect potentially dangerous illnesses early. 

    • It helps cover the costs of other health routines like eye-care and dental work. 

    • Public hospitals in South Africa don't live up to the quality and standard of private hospitals. 

    • It may help cover the cost of chronic medication, which can get extremely expensive overtime. 

Spend time together 

Life gets extremly busy and sometimes the weeks pass without you noticing how fast they're going. Quality family time is beneficial for everyone, but is especially important for your children. 

  • Why your children need to spend time with you

    • You're their role model, so spending time with you means nurturing them towards ongoing good behaviour. 

    • Doing fun or relaxing activities together strenghtens the bond between a family and creates a safe space for children to express themselves without fear. 

    • It keeps love and passion alive between parents, which has an undeniable effect on the happiness in the household. 

    • It keeps the connection between you and your children alive. This is especially important when they reach teenager or adolescent phases and start feeling the need to move away from the family. 

    • It creates memories which is good for mental health and well-being. 

    • It allows children to share thoughts and opinions. This sort of discussion helps children realise that they are valued and appreciated. 

The sooner you start instilling a healthy lifestyle into your household, the better off your family is. Of course you'll face flu or a tummy bug now and then, but with a strong immune system and healthy mind, no seasonal sickness can keep you down. 

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