Starting a new job

Finding a job was a challenge on its own, now you’ve got a new milestone to tackle. We’ve prepared this list of things you should know from day one to ensure you reach the height of your success when you start your first job.   

Before your first day

You have lot’s to prepare! Write up a checklist of all the things you need to prepare and then start crossing them off as soon as you can. 

  • A few things that should be on your checklist

    • Explore the company website to fully understand who they are and what they’ve done.

    • Read press releases or other company-related articles so you can be in the loop during conversations.

    • Scan through the company’s social media platforms to get a feel of their voice and identity.

    • Ask your new employer for reading material you can go through to understand working processes and company culture better.

    • Give your new colleagues a quick online stalking to remember new faces easily and get an idea of their interests and personalities. Make sure your LinkedIn is on anonymous to avoid the awkwardness of getting caught!

    • Google Maps the area so you know alternative routes to work and to familiarise yourself with nearby facilities.

Your first day on the job

You’ve already made a great impression, that’s how you landed the job! Now you've got to win over your new employees too. Don't worry, it's much easier than it sounds. 

  • Advice for your first day

    • Dress to impress but not to stand out, so leave the personality statement clothing at home – at least for now.

    • Keep your phone on silent and don’t look at it until your lunch break.

    • Take care of all admin and compliance as soon as you can.

    • Be curious and ask questions about anything you want to know. This will express your interest and open the floor for new conversation.

    • Get connected on all the online platforms your colleagues use for internal communication.

    • Find out how your boss likes his coffee. Just kidding, don’t be a suck up! But also don’t be shy to offer someone a cup and engage in conversation.

    • As eager as you are to get home and tell everyone about your first day, it’s best to stay at work a few minutes later on day one. Finish up some admin, plan for tomorrow or organise your desktop – don’t be the first out the door!

Every other day at work

You’re going to make new friends at work and some of them could even become life-long friends. But it’s still a dog-eat-dog world out there so it’s important that you protect yourself. Be patient with building and maintaining trust.

  • Four important things to keep in mind

    • Don’t be scared to own up to mistakes. They’re going to happen. Apologise and fix it. 

    • Under promise, over deliver. Always.

    • Avoid office politics and never participate in gossip.

    • Don’t vent private matters at work or let personal issues interfere with your performance.

Achieving your work goals 

Now that you’re settled in, it's time to put your focus onto achieving your full potential. Having goals in your career - and then reaching them - is one of the most powerful feelings you'll experience. 

  • Five ways to achieve your goals at work

    • Separate company goals from personal work goals. Company goals take priority - make sure you understand how your team measures these.

    • Organise your personal work goals into realistically attainable time frames. Talk to your employer about these for more support.

    • Organise regular check-ins with your supervisors to discuss progress and obstacles.

    • Ask for help when you need it. Teamwork is an important part of reaching milestones. Always give credit where it is due.

    • Share accomplishments on LinkedIn to show your loyalty towards the company and to express the pride you have in your work.

Living the adult life

Success begins at home, and that’s why you need to adjust your lifestyle to suit the working world. That's why you have to focus on your lifestyle after hours too. 

  • How to keep your mind and body strong for work

    • Use weekends to unplug by spending time with your family and friends. Outdoor recreational activities are the best way to unwind from the daily stresses of life and reconnect to those closest to you.

    • Successful people have hobbies. Use your downtime to practice hobbies that will improve your creative, analytic or fine motor skills.

    • Start working on your retirement plan as soon as possible so that you can reduce future financial stress and secure a wealthy lifestyle. 

Good luck with this big step in your career. Hold your head high and keep your eye on the prize. You are unstoppable!

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