Growing your assets with Absa Investment Management

03 November 2017

We believe in the importance of continuously striving for the exceptional, whether at home, work or when it comes to your finances.

You might have seen our Investment Management advert that focuses on the process of champagne making as a metaphor for the investment process. We challenged our creative agency to position Absa Investment Management as a quality-driven investment house in a creative and memorable way. The champagne making process, as a metaphor, was a natural choice as both the champagne making process and investment process requires the use of tried and tested techniques, research, teamwork, technology, strong leadership and passion to deliver an exceptional result.

In order to strive for, and accomplish the exceptional, we do sometimes have to make use of traditional methods. In the advert’s case, this could refer to the hail cannon that features in a few of the scenes towards the end. Hail cannons have been used by champagne makers in France for centuries as a method to reduce or stop hail formation. If you think about it, when mother nature brings in a storm, the champagne maker would utilise technology that were tried and tested techniques (in the form of a hail warning and anti-hail cannon) to allow him to react accordingly when faced with the storm.

In the same way, investment managers leverage technology, tested techniques, teamwork and leadership to best respond during market volatility to drive exceptional results.

In the advert you can hear the philosopher, Alan Watts’ voice exploring the synchronicity of thought, nature and commerce that propel events along the road to the exceptional.

“The truth is, there’s no easy road to the exceptional, but knowing from the start that this is what you’re after, is always a great way to begin.” – Alan Watts

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