Congratulations to Our Lucky 20k Winners

21 June 2019

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and with the second half of the year already in full force, we hope that’s the case. It also means that our Absa “Stand a chance to win R20k” competition is over and our lucky winners are in.

Give it up for:

1. Nadine Whittal

2. Vincent Wilson

3. Bertus Bekker

4. Percy Hohne

5. Safeera Ballim

6. Gugu Mbatha

7. Belinda Aphane

8. Tyron Kretzmann

9. Sheldon Van Niekerk

10. Ime Du Plessis

Didn’t make the cut or missed out on the competition this time round? No worries! Make sure you get an Absa Student or Gold Graduate Account if you don’t have one already, and stay on the lookout for more competitions, coz there’s more to come.

 In the meantime, keep enjoying the cool perks that come loaded with Absa Student and Graduate Accounts.

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