Unlock your potential with ReadytoWork

03 November 2017

The transition from education into the working world can be tough and the job market uncertain. We want to encourage you to grow your skills and keep developing yourself – and our Shared Growth philosophy allows us to do just that.

Shared Growth stems from the realisation that as a business, we can only be successful if we connect positively and create value within the societies in which we operate. When our customers and clients do well, so do we. When the communities where we live and work thrive, we do too. And when society prospers, we all do.

One of the pillars of this philosophy focuses on our commitment to providing skills development, as well as supporting access to quality education. We do this through our ReadytoWork programme that equips young people with a variety of skills they need to find employment or create self-employment. If you take part in this programme, you’ll learn about the work, people, entrepreneurial, and  money skills you need to help enable a smooth transition from education into the working world.

We want to share in your success

We’ll be there to guide you every step of the way as you get yourself ready for the next big step in your life, and beyond, because we know that when you grow, we all prosper. Register for ReadytoWork at www.absa.co.za/readytowork

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