Love local Fridays: Part one

My Business  |  Written by Absa Staff Writer

03 November 2017

The rise and fall of our economy often feels like something far removed from us. A saga that plays out in the budget speech, cold employment figures and the global trials of the rand.

By supporting local businesses, we can have a far more direct impact. Each time we buy local, we nudge our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) just a little bit higher. Those meaningless employment figures in a spreadsheet are brought to life. They transform into a job for a mother putting her kids through school, or an apprentice honing his craft. We assist the business owner, someone who risked it all to follow a dream, to survive and thrive in a tough economic climate.

For each local business that succeeds, there is a ripple effect. A small local restaurant is able to buy from local farmers, who in turn can grow and earn enough to support their families. A local fashion designer can pay seamstresses in her community and help build a market for these skills. The reality is, if local designers are forced to use cheaper imported fabrics, or get garments made overseas, then those skills die in our own country.

The best part about buying local is that we get to address the economic challenges of our country through shopping. This is not a sacrifice in any way. Our local designers are ahead of trends in many ways, and are getting more and more global recognition. Unlike buying something imported, we are able to learn the story of where our purchase came from, and get the feel-good factor of supporting local business.

For this reason, we are starting Love Local Fridays. Each Friday we will feature a local designer, producer or manufacturer who is making waves with their unique products. We’ll chat to them about the challenges and successes of setting up their business, as well as the spark that inspired them to start their business in the first place. So watch this space for weekly inspiration to buy some of the amazing things our local businesses have on offer. Even better, if you know of a local business in your area that deserves a shout-out, we’d love to hear about them. Who knows, maybe our series will even inspire you to start a business of your own!

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