Building a better life with Deliwe Tibane

Prosper | Written by Ndumiso Ndlela

01 July 2016

Deliwe Tibane is a single mother from rural Oakley, near the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga. After struggling to find employment she persevered until she finally secured a job as a construction worker – being the only woman in an industry surrounded by men. It was tough, but she was determined to build a better future for her and her family.

The construction project was on a site for a new technology school in Mpumalanga called the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre – a project funded by the Good Work Foundation (GWF). Deliwe worked hard to ensure she’d be able to earn money to put food on the table and keep her family nourished.

When the job was done, a new contract required Deliwe to leave her family for six months for a job in a different town. She couldn’t leave her family for that long, so Deliwe applied for a maintenance job at the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre she helped build. The school agreed and asked her to help turn the grounds of the school into something to be proud of, and this she did.

‪Deliwe had never touched a computer before – but when the Learning Centre offered her a chance to study computers, she took it. She excelled. So much so, the Learning Centre offered her a job as an administrator. Today, Deliwe Tibane doesn’t need to leave her village to take care of her family. In fact, her purpose is even bigger than that.

She now works at this very same school she helped build and maintain, as an administrator, and an English teacher. She is also helping to bring digital classrooms to rural South Africa with the help of the Good Work Foundation and Absa, thereby allowing more people to prosper.

Through her journey of hard work, perseverance and determination, she has laid the foundations for her, her children and her community to prosper.

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