Food for sport

03 November 2017

Opportunities are sometimes hidden in the most surprising places. Our Prosper film, EPIC:The story of Tsepo Nyirenda, is all about determination, friendship, and a series of unexpected opportunities.

The Diepsloot Mountain Bike Academy has a remarkable team captain, Tsepo Nyirenda, an ambitious immigrant from Lesotho, who through focus and a determined spirit, found his place in the world. He has moved from strength to strength, inspiring the youth of his community to follow in his footsteps.

Tsepo joined the cycling academy as a means of filling his time with something that would encourage him to work towards a goal. After completing his first Cape Epic race, an experience that would push Nyirenda to his limits, he continued to cycle on a regular basis—making many new friends along the way.

One of those friends was David Higgs, a multi award-winning chef at the Saxon five hundred. They met at the back-end of the Epic, both tirelessly trying to make it through their race. Higgs and Nyirenda cheered each other on, and through their shared struggles, became great friends.

David found out that Tsepo wanted to work as a DJ—and although Higgs wanted to help him achieve his career goals, he had no connections in the music industry. Instead, he told Tsepo that if he wanted to try something new, he could help him with an available opportunity in the kitchen. Tsepo agreed to try it out.

The determination and drive that kept him going during his Epic race, followed him into the workplace. His unwavering focus and never-give-up attitude helped him flourish in the harsh kitchen environment, and his journey has continued to inspire people across the country looking to better themselves and prosper, despite their circumstances.

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