Breathing life back into art

03 November 2017

Seeing the world through the eyes of an artist can be a beautiful, but often painful experience. You get a peek into the life of the artist while they are at their most vulnerable. You also get to witness their struggles, their triumphs, their heartaches, and their strife.

It’s very well-known that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to art a picture is worth a thousand stories.

The last drawing, looks at one man’s struggle to overcome the negativity in his life, in order to pursue his passions as an artist.

Life skills coach, Khanya, grew up with a deep love for drawing. While his friends played soccer, he would sit on the sidelines, scribbling furiously and perfecting his craft. He especially enjoyed drawing the world around him. It was a creative outlet, and his favourite form of expression.

However, Khanya’s father did not approve of his artistic endeavours, as he wished his son would rather focus his attention on schoolwork and soccer practice instead. So much so, that he would often tear up his son’s drawings in anger. One day, his verbal attacks developed into physical rage. Khanya became too scared to continue drawing and vowed to let his artistry fall by the wayside.

After a while, he began to miss his craft, and decided that he would do one last drawing before retiring his charcoal forever. He channeled all his emotions into this final piece of art, drawing inspiration from every struggle he had endured throughout the years. When he completed the piece, Khanya finally found the answer he had been looking for.

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