Wanyama’s field of dreams

03 November 2017

“They say it doesn’t matter where you come from, only where you’re going to.” “But if you come from Africa, this is not true.”

These are the wise words of Kenyan-born Victor Wanyama, a young man who has taken the world of football by storm with his winning spirit. This talented sportsman attributes his grit for the game to his humble beginnings, as seen in our Prosper film, The Lion of Mutharwa ­— an inspiring glance at Victor’s road to international fame.

The town of Muthurwa, in Eastlands, held a lot of character-building moments for Victor. He can clearly remember the day he struggled with his first pair of soccer boots at the age of 10, as well as the regular 10km walks that he would endure just to play a match with his friends. It’s passion like this which has driven Victor to become the sporting champion we have come to know and love, despite all the knocks and grazes he might have encountered along the way.

The 25-year-old has always loved football. His fondest memories growing up, were of his visits to the local cinema to watch English football matches with his father and brothers­ – sometimes even having to sneak in without a ticket when money was tight.

All it took was one phone call, at age 15, for Victor’s life to change its course forever. He joined the National team and within a year he was playing matches across Europe.

He insists, “For dreamers, life has a way of getting better” and as the first Kenyan to join the Premier League, Victor has become living proof of this. Ronald Koeman, the Southampton FC manager, celebrates Wanyama’s focus and believes it is a truly African trait.

“You have to be a lion coming from that humble background,” adds Victor. He has shown that where you come from determines where you’re going, because your journey defines your ability to take on the challenges that might be strewn across you path. Only your ambition and willingness to forge the rough roads ahead, can guarantee your triumphs.

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