How to prepare for your wedding day

You got through the hectic – but fun – part of planning your wedding and now the big day is around the corner. We’ve created this list of last minute things to consider before you take that walk down the aisle. 

One week before tying the knot

Now it's time for you to arrange some of the last logistics. Keep a notebook with you or make notes on your phone so that you can keep track of all the little things you think of at random times. This way you won't forget to do them!

  • Five things to do

    • Finalise your wedding vows then practice them until you’re comfortable.

    • Follow up with anyone who hasn’t RSVP’d and confirm the final headcount with the venue.

    • Arrange for a friend or family member to transport wedding gifts on the day.

    • Give your photographer a wedding photo checklist.

    • Chat to your GP or Dietician about tips on staying fresh and healthy so that you can radiate beauty on your special day.

Finalise the wedding day's timeline

Time flies when you’re having fun, but you’ve got lots to get through on the day

  • Five tips to plan the schedule

    • Guests should start arriving at least half an hour before the ceremony starts.

    • Wedding ceremonies normally last between 30-40 minutes.

    • Save about an hour for the bride and groom's photo shoot.

    • Wedding receptions last anything between 3-6 hours. It depends on your venue, budget and plans after the wedding.

    • Speeches shouldn’t take up more than half an hour of the reception.

How to handle a crisis

Let’s not forget about Murphy’s Law – but if you have the right attitude, absolutely nothing can ruin your day.

  • Important tips to consider

    • Confirm that the venue has backup generators for power failures.

    • Meet your bartenders and waiters before the wedding. Tell them to come to you if any guests get out of hand with alcohol.

    • Make a backup playlist. Band members can disappoint and equipment can malfunction, so have your own music ready.

    • Have all waterproof necessities in place.

Get ready for your honeymoon

When your wedding is over, the real fun and relaxation can begin! Use the last month before your wedding day to finalise the most important holiday plans. 

  • Five things to start doing about a month before your trip

    • Passports and visas must be sorted and valid. If there is a problem, treat it with urgency.

    • Confirm your accommodation bookings – and make sure the place knows it’s your honeymoon!

    • Start packing at least a week before you leave. This gives you enough time to buy last minute things.

    • Make sure whoever is looking after your house or pets knows what their responsibilities are.

    • Empty your phone’s memory onto a hard drive or cloud backup so that you have plenty of space to capture new memories.

Good luck, have fun and know that it’s going to be great. May the road ahead be the best years of your life!

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