How to start planning your wedding

Organising a wedding is a great mix of hard work and fun. Stay calm, we’ve got you! This guide will help you plan a perfect wedding that you can afford.

Plan your budget

Everybody underestimates how expensive a wedding can be. You need to know exactly what your spending limit is before you start planning, and no compromising thereafter.

  • Four questions to ask yourself

    • How much time do you need to save?

    • What deposits must you put down to secure spaces and services?

    • Can your family members help you?

    • What will your honeymoon cost?    

Choose a theme

When you know what wedding-look you’re going for, it’s easier to find inspiration. Two things that will kick-start your brainstorming are deciding on a colour palette and picking between an indoor or an outdoor wedding. This will help set the tone for invitations, décor and photography style. It will also help you break down your venue options. 

Draw up a guest list

This part can get rough.  Suddenly you realise how many family members you have, how many of them don’t quite get along, and how many plus ones you’ve got to add. 

  • Split your guest list up into categories

    • Immediate family.

    • Bridesmaids and groomsmen.

    • Close friends.

    • Distant family.

    • Colleagues.


    With a prioritised list it’s easier to add and remove people. Also, now is the time to establish ground rules – will kids be allowed? Is it worth it to invite people who live very far away?

Get the right help

Decide how you’re going to tackle your wedding planning, because while you’re daydreaming about your magical wedding, your daily life is carrying on.

  • Your three basic options include

    • Hire a wedding planner. This comes at a cost, but it will take a huge load off your shoulders.

    • Get friends and family to help. Plan a meeting to see who is on board and assign tasks.

    • Split the responsibilities between you and your fiancé and set timelines.  


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