Let's help you buy a new car 

It's time to buy a new car, which is really exciting, but a little daunting at the same time! We've put some guidelines together that will help you make a smart and affordable decision easily. 

Find the right car

Assess your needs properly before getting your heart set on a specific make and model. You shouldn’t pick one just because of the statement it makes – think about the costs. Don’t limit your options; give yourself two or three choices to work with.

Check your budget

Not just for buying a car, but for owning it too. Figure out how much each option will cost you to have, and to drive. Once you know you’ll be in a better position to make the best choice.

Test drive some cars

Your dream car looks awesome on the dealer floor, but will you get what you’re expecting?

  • We recommend paying attention to these 6 things

    • Seating comfortability.

    • Brakes and safety features.

    • Space sufficiency (including the boot).

    • Ease of driving on a stop-and-go road.

    • Ease of driving on an open stretch road.

    • Functionality of features and accessories.

Remember to ask the professional dealer anything that you’re unsure of.

Always negotiate your deal

Many people are under the impression that interest, insurance plans and maintenance plans are always offered as a fixed rate. But if you do your research well enough and understand your costs, you will be able to settle a better price with any banker, credit provider or car dealer. Just remain realistic and always read the fine print.

  • Follow these simple car care tips

    • Never skip a service.

    • Only use original parts.

    • Replace your oil every 10 000km.

    • Rotate your tyres every 10 000km.

    • Fix any problems as soon as they surface.

    • Always ensure you have secure under cover parking whenever you can.

Now all you have left to do is enjoy your new ride. You worked hard to get it, so show it off and go on all the adventures you’ve dreamed of!

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