One little girl’s story represents the beautiful community she lives in

Prosper | Written by Jacques Cilliers

01 July 2016

It’s hard not to live in fear when you grow up in an area where someone dies from malaria every 30 seconds.

Afiya knows the implication of this all too well. She lost her mom to malaria. “She told me, she’s not leaving, but that she’s just tired and needs to move, right here, in to my heart.”

“My mother said, no matter what, you must always remember how beautiful the lake we live at is. That’s why I carry her with me every day and show her our beautiful lake.”

Set in Lake Victoria – also known as the “bringer of life” – this is a symbolic story about celebrating life through the eyes of a child. With peace of mind from knowing that you and your family are safe from the fatal threat of malaria, children like Afiya can now live a life filled with curiosity and joy. This level of comfort is thanks to the Barclays’ Community Investment Programme in Cipla QCIL, which has made malaria medication more accessible and affordable to communities like the one Afiya lives in. When we share we grow, and when we grow we all prosper.

Watch her story here:

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