The perks of nurturing nature through collaboration

Prosper | Written by Jacques Cilliers

01 July 2016

Thabang grew up in a village where meat and pap were the most important staples on every dinner table in the community. Once he realised his dream of becoming a farmer, he learnt about the essential value of including fruit and vegetables into one’s diet. He also realised that the very people who helped put nutritious fruit and vegetables on our plates every day do not enjoy that same nutrition to sustain their own families. It started with an awareness.

Thabang set out on a quest to change this with a wholesome, surprise Sunday lunch his farm workers would never forget. The five-star veggie feast made such an impact on his staff that they now incorporate fresh beetroot salads, cabbage and potatoes in their family meals, nurturing their health and that of their family, just like they nurture the soil and seeds on the farm.

To help grow his farming business, Thabang secured financial support, and technical and enterprise training from TechnoServe, a programme Absa collaborates with to help create a successful future for rural farmers.

And as Thabang’s farm increases in productivity, it has a positive impact on food security and job creation in his village. Showing that when the communities where we live and work thrive, we do too. And when society prospers, we all do.

Watch Thabang’s story here:

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