Absa Prosper: The pensioners

Prosper | Written by Monique Vrey

13 October 2016

When you think of old age, what comes to mind?
Grey hair? Wrinkled face? Eyesight gone blind?
This could all be true. Indeed. Oh yes.
But other unique talents they do possess.

Three extraordinary people. Three legacies you’ll find.
They’re astonishing, witty, and incredibly kind.
Come closer, come near. They have much to say.
You’ll leave from it richer. They’ll make your day.

At Barclays they worked. They learned. They taught.
More than thirty years they spent there, helped shape each thought.

First up, David Mwangi. our friend is here.
He’s fit and fun – your mentor for the long run.
As a manager for thirty-three years he planned ahead.
So the future was never something he had to dread.

He worked. He played. Left his legacy.
So that those who follow may be happy as he.

Here’s Ann Mwai. She has arrived.
Her life has been anything but deprived.
She touches the lives of those around her.
And the legacy she’ll leave is anything but a blur.

With a welcoming smile she hosted the reception
Her wit and grace made her an exception
Through it all affordable energy is her one true passion.
But she also has an eye for some glam and some fashion.

Meet dear John Bonzo. The gentle one.
He’s caring. He’s kind. The truest soul you’ll ever find.
After 35 years in Barclays telephone exchange.
He’s re-dedicated his life to becoming the change.

Blind-eye Bonzo spends his days uplifting others.
By sharing his music and legacy with sisters and brothers.

Old age has no limits. Don’t judge a book.
So there you have it. Passion is all it took.

At Barclays Africa we believe in those who are young at heart and who use their heart to inspire the young.

Leave a legacy. Prosper.

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