A truly South African story

Prosper | Written by Moza Moyo

03 November 2017

A lot of things make Johannesburg a great place to live in. Think about the beauty of the sprawling metropolitan, as well as the abundance of opportunities that make the city a place where dreams can come true. But to Jamad, Joburg is more than her home – it’s a place where she found sanctuary after fleeing war in her native Somalia.

As conflict in Somalia grew fierce, Jamad knew that the only way to survive was to flee the country. After settling in Joburg, she began the daunting task of picking up the pieces and starting afresh. It was, however, not long until disaster struck again. Jamad was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after arriving at her new home, but thankfully she had access to the life-saving treatment that she needed to fully recover.  Now, Jamad is not only in remission, but she also basks in the warm embrace of the city and its people. “It is here in this beautiful city of Johannesburg that I began to rebuild my fractured life,” she shares.

Despite her circumstances, Jamad wasn’t about to let her past define her and determine her future. Against all odds, she joined forces with a fellow Somali woman and managed to start a small business, with the help of Absa’s Islamic Banking small business loan.

Jamad’s inspiring story is that of human triumph and rising above one’s circumstances. We are proud to have been able to assist her in getting on her feet again, because we’re committed to making African lives better so that they can prosper..

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