Prosper | Written by Absa Staff Writer

08 June 2018

So, you’ve been fantasising about what you’d look like driving to campus in a fresh new ride, only to dismiss it with, “I’m reaching here. That won’t happen,” because… student life. But what if we told you that you could win a new Ford Figo and other great prizes all valued at R1 million?

It Takes 5…

It only takes 5 smooth moves using either your Absa Student Silver Account or your Absa Gold Graduate Account to get a guaranteed entry into the draw to stand a chance of winning monthly prizes and a super cool Ford Figo. All you have to do is: swipe, tap and pay, shop online, deposit or transfer funds, withdraw cash, send cash, buy airtime using the Absa banking App or run successful debit orders and more.

Keep Swiiishing

Every 5 Swiiishes in a month gets you a definite entry into the competition. Your winning combination can be anything you like whether you’re topping up data for the Gram, swiping for exam munchies, or booking movie tickets – just do it 5 times and you’re in.

Be extra

To better your chances of winning, get an extra entry by taking up an Absa Study Loan with your Absa Silver Account. Or sign up for an Absa Overdraft, Absa Credit Card or Absa Vehicle Finance with your Absa Gold Graduate Account and get 3 extra entries into the draw.

Yep, becoming a #parkingbae is that easy. Don’t have an Absa Account? Get an Absa Student Account or Absa Gold Graduate Account now. Start Swiiishing. Start winning. #ItTakes5

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